Your Testimonies

“…Hi Olena! Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher! My kids wouldn't have been able to play like that without you! (: ….”

“...Mrs. Ross, we appreciated your teaching. You are a great teacher and J. has learned a lot from you!..” – L.H.

“…Olena, thanks so much for teaching my son today! He enjoyed violin lessons so much today. We will make sure he will work on new homework every day…”

“…Mrs. Ross, my son enjoyed learning with you yesterday, he is very lucky to have you as his teacher…” - Z. C.

“… Thank you for asking about K. She has been practicing by herself since last Wednesday. She really wants to continue the lessons. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated. There are many outstanding teachers, you are one of them. My kids are blessed to learn from you!!...” – V. C.