Your Testimonies

“...Mrs. Ross, Thank you so much for your teaching. You are a great teacher. My son cannot be a concertmaster without your help. I think this will be a great experience to him!...” – A.L.

“…Dear Olena, thank you so much for taking the time to call me back and help out. It tells me a lot about you. I have heard only in stories that someone like you really goes out their way to help out other people. I want to pass this experience back to someone. Thanks again for being so positive, you taught me something today!...”

“…Dear Olena, I praise God for His provision that my both kids have the chance to study violin with you. You can never imagine what a blessing you have been to them! They still have a long journey in their violin study but you have definitely laid a very good foundation…”

“…Dear Olena, “…You are such a wonderful and passionate Violin teacher and H. is so lucky to have you teach him. Thanks so much for your effort and patience with him. He has learnt a lot from you…”