About Olena Ross

- Olena Ross was born in Ukraine and is trained in the classical European method.

- She began to learn piano and violin at an early age, and by age fourteen had decided to make music her main pursuit in life.

- At age 18 Olena graduated from the Musical College of Kharkov, Ukraine.

- At age 23 she graduated with honors from the Pedagogical Academy of Ukraine where she studied violin in depth as well as the subjects of Music Education, Piano and Orchestra Conducting.

- After graduation, Olena performed regularly in different venues as a chamber player, soloist and as an orchestra musician. She taught piano and violin in a Music School prior to coming to the United States in 2003.

- In the U.S., she continued her professional life in music. Olena has for more than 12 year at her private studio, as well as at Polonsky Piano School, Avloni Academy of Music and at Bethel School of Music.